Slackware Linux 11.0 + Beryl + WoW in Wine

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Jan 10 2012

My Slackware Linux desktop… Windows the X way! Now that, is how we do that!
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  1. lewiar says:

    @Rachielizaboo This video was posted 3 years ago… take a look at some of my newer ones such as “Installing Windows apps on Ubuntu”!

  2. Rachielizaboo says:

    I’m sorry to sound totally clueless here, but is the poster of this video running WoW in a virtual environment, or Wine? I haven’t used Slack since the 7 days (high school) and it wasn’t until I stumbled upon this video that I even knew it was possible to play games like WoW on Linux. I used to be able to count the games that I could run in Wine on one hand. Has that changed, or is WoW just so old that it is finally receiving some support? What about Source games?

  3. lewiar says:

    @RanjitSngh Hehe,, mabe it’s just the power of Linux. The monitor on the left is a 20″ 4×3 1600×1200 and the one on the right is a 24″ widescreen 1920×1200. The computer is an Athlon 4400+ (dual core) with a Geforce 6800 Ultra…. it’s far from modern hardware

  4. RanjitSngh says:

    whats the size of those monitors and of which manufacturer
    looks like u are working on a super computer

  5. oathkeeper312213 says:

    you just improved it, i know spanish and he actually said:
    is very nice to use 2 monitors at some point maybe you do, I have slackware tmb

  6. lewiar says:

    Get the 1.1.xx version from the repo on wineHQ, make sure you have the -opengl option, and the fonts installed, and it runs like you have windows, you can change res, switch into windowed mode, the lot… seriously, the new wine is awesome.

  7. spikespeigel says:

    well i had my wine like completely tweaked for BC, then when wotlk launched my framerate took a dump…i suppose its from all their new improvements, i have not updated my wine in a long time and thats probably it. I have a 8600gt

  8. Dustindarninvalid says:

    it works well for me too (WoW) I heard it was difficult to get running, but It works flawlessly in ubuntu 8.04 with wine. I don’t play though, just relished the challenge, or lack there of. (free trial)

  9. lin0xd says:

    He said:
    It’s really cool to use 2 monitors, maybe some day I’d do it, I also have slackware

  10. lin0xd says:

    No. It’s spanish, luckily my first language :) 

  11. lewiar says:

    It’s true that two monitors are nice, but I wouldn’t suggest that you use Slackware if you are unfamiliar with Linux. Use somthing like Mint, or Ubuntu.

  12. EvilG0blin says:

    queda muy lindo usar 2 monitores :P quizas en algun momento lo haga, yo tmb tengo slackware

  13. lewiar says:

    I get upwards of 60-100fps, what graphics card do you have?.. I recommend going to the 1.1.18+ version from the repo on the WineHQ site, and add “-opengl” to the very end of the command line in the wine icon.

  14. spikespeigel says:

    how does wotlk run for you? in wine my framerate sucks

  15. NiGhtMarEs0nWax says:

    actually he said “fuck me, my keyboard is broken”

  16. lewiar says:

    LOL, was it right?… tell me what you meant/what is the joke?

  17. paaachok89 says:

    lewiar you the mad translator

  18. lewiar says:

    Yes, I can use google translator too… that’s why I asked if somone could really translate it… :p

    I’m going for :-

    “What a stupid person one can be to starer at to 2 monitors at once”

    Some russian joke maybe?

  19. applefox77 says:

    He said
    What should be dolboebom that a pyalitsya to 2 monitors at once!

  20. lewiar says:

    Some kind of question about having 2 monitors?… I’m afraid the rest is beyond me… can anyone translate?

  21. lewiar says:


  22. paaachok89 says:

    Каким надо быть долбоебом что б пялится в 2 монитора сразу!!!

  23. GeekyPenguin says:

    good job this is Slackware then :) 

  24. GeekyPenguin says:

    good job this is Slackware then :) 

  25. GeekyPenguin says:

    good job that this is Slackware then :D

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